2001 Ford Crown Victoria Questions

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Also when driving down hwy, I keep hearing something that sounds like I'm hitting the side of the road but Im not.
Have new starter and battery and alternator and still won't start
I have a 2001 crown vic with intermittent cranking problem. and it still started when ever it did crank. but now I still have intermittent cranking problem and a no start issue. I think it is in the ignition system . I noticed I don't hear the fuel pump kicking on or the power locks when I turn on the key. I also noticed something in the steering it is very hard to put in the lock position. and after I was messing with the steering wheel I had a no crank issue....I left it sit over night next day it cranked but wouldn't start... any suggestions.....

What seems to make the problem better or worse? when I would try and lock and unlock steering, or turn the wheel as far as would go in both directions
How long have you had this problem? for the last year when ever I would drive her and use the steering wheel
Some how I lost the bolt the bolt the last time I changed the spark plugs.... Smh
Tried all amps of fuses. Door locks ,sunroof,domelight,floorlights,climetcontrol all out. Bad short ,but whar?
air bag light ON
turn indicates don't work
light on clock/radio off
blinkers don't work
Don't hear motor blowing. Not sure what it could be.
How many miles should I reasonably expect to get out of this car ? I have repaired A/C, Blower Motor, Rear wheel bearing, basically things that wear out.
I bought a crown vic I can drive the car forward but when I put in reverse it does not want to move, if I really press the gas it will move back a little bit, the motor is strong and the transmission drives forward just fine. I do not believe I need a rebuilt transmission, I think it might be the bands or linkage,what do think ?
Got new battery and started right up. Drove about 10 miles and let it run about 15 min. Wouldn't start or jump. Ignition switch felt like I had to turn it farther than usual. Had felt like this a few days. Battery good,jumped another car. Click in box by battery.
1 ?new starter 2 new ignition switch 3 new alternator
4 bad wiring?
positive wire. could it be a pressure switch? or what do you suggest?
The car has 43,000 miles on it, and runs very well most of the time. After taking an 800mi. road trip for Thanksgiving, I returned home and the next day, the car started to lag and the CEL illuminated. Hooked up my OBDII scanner and it read a misfire on cyls. 4 and 5 (opposite banks.) After letting the car sit for half an hour, the problem disappeared and it drove great. Fast forward a month and another long road trip later, the car developed another miss but without the CEL illuminating. I filled up with fresh gas (thought it might be bad gas during the trip,) added some Techron fuel system cleaner, changed my fuel filter and cleaned the MAF sensor. Car ran great again for a few weeks, passed state emissions test just fine. Today developed another miss (car was bogging down under throttle, bucking a little, and exhaust smelled somewhat burnt (could a lean condition present under a misfire?)(no check engine light.) Ran KOER and KOEO tests through OBD port, popped a code for CYL. 4 misfire. Pulled the coil on plug and inspected the boot, it was in great shape and the plug well was free of any debris, water or coolant. I applied di-electric grease to the boot ends and re-installed COP. Car ran just fine again.

I'm wondering what this could possibly seems to happen after the car has sat for a day or more, and after periods of rain or moist air. It is winter now and temps. are 40F and below. I could detect no intrusion of rainwater in the engine bay and the plugs are all dry. I would rather not go replacing coil plugs unless totally necessary, because they are kind of pricy and Ford mentioned a majority of them get returned in perfect order.
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