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During start and drive my car idles at 3000 rpm
Sounds like something is coming apart or about to pop off. Have changed ball joint 6 to 7 times on this car and I dont understand why.
The inside vents are smoking while the heat is on and is causing the windshield to fog up immensely and I'm sure it is linked to a blackish fluid that recently started dripping from underneath the passenger side glove compartment all of which happens while I'm driving
i drove it twice today already and have never had this problem. the temperature dropped by quite a bit very quickly and i was wondering if that could be why? it acts like its trying to start but wont fully get there, i have never had this problem before. no weird noises, as far as i know all fluids are good except i do need an oil change other than that idk what could be wrong.
i have d,c. current to everything but the fuse box under the dash, is there a relay or inline fuse that powers this box under the dash? no power to the fuel pump , dash gages, trunk pop , radio, or the 4-way flashers , car turns over but wont start, even put new bat, terminals on . and new batt...please help ive lost more hair ,,,,thanks
no power to the 4 way flashers, diagnostic plug , dash gauges , radio ,fuel pump , or the trunk pop. turns over and spins but wont start. have replaced lighting control box and ignition switch , still nothing. checked all fues boxes for power . im going bald from scraching.
haven't seen anything on it please help on steel plate under steering wheel there is a connection box then on steel bar therr is a cylinder with wires how to connect them 00 crown Victoria
i need the details and pictures of grounds diagram of crown victoria 2000 4.6
Every time I turn on my lights, it would blow the fuse for the gauges, then noticed my tail and license plate lights didn't turn on either. Still have headlights, brake lights and blinkers. How can I fix and quit burning through fuses?
Happens all the time they are stuck this way
Just bought the car a couple of weeks ago. The car idles just fine and drives around town fine as well. But as soon as you hit the gas hard it cuts out. Changed the plugs (they were in bad shape) also when changing the plugs I noticed one of the plugs was wet. Not sure if it was oil, antifreeze, or just left over gas. Once the plugs where changed the car ran great. Then the misfiring started again. Now it seems to do it when you hit the gas hard and when the rpms are low driving in town. I pulled the coils off one at a time and they all seem to be working. I'm used to older cars this is the newest one I've ever owned so this is new to me. Please help thank you.
3 month ago I changed the intake manifold and now is leaking water in the back of the motor should I had changed the hose too?
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