2000 Ford Crown Victoria Questions

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after car warms up,if i turn on the heater i smell oil.
I'm looking for a diagram of the wiring harness that shows every plug sensor and light bulb for a 2000 Crown Victoria
I have problem in digital instrument cluster in speed digits, some times only the digits of speed became stop and some times became in function.
Can only start in Neutral and only reverse and drive are useful
Car sat for 6 years without being battery, turns over strong but will not fire. Would the old fuel in the gas lines cause a problem? What are the options to try starting ?
Dash lights work. battery seems fine.
It sputters as im driving like its not getting enough gas
The ball joints look good and the tierod ends are looking good. The only thing that looks rough is the stabilizer links
when I turn off engine the fan or some other engine keeps running and runs the battery down just started doing this
More often in it cold outside. I always let the car warm up first.
I hit the unlock button it pops but I can't get it to latch close I tried and tried to pop it
I think i have an electrical issue with my 2000 Crown Victoria not turning over. Will crank but won't start. We narrowed it down the last few days to a power to ground that had a short coming from the engine wire harness. We cut the Red wire and the car started up. Its running rough with a bad miss. So, not sure if i need to replace the harness or if its an O2 sensor or not. My mechanic says it's Failed/shorted B2S1 O2 sensor. Would this stop the car from starting?
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