1999 Ford Crown Victoria Questions

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Taken it to several smog shops , got different readings at each one. Car otherwise runs excellent . Have had many components replaced over the years. Bought in 2005 as an old police interceptor.
Misfires during acceleration...coil packs n plugs are brand new..
hit the door lock from key pad and now car won't start
The wires came out of harness so not sure they are securely in plug that goes into alternator. When trying to start car, fuel pump doesn't come on and connection doesn't sound right.
Car wouldn't crank so I turned it to the on position to check the fuel pump, nothing came on. I replaced fuel pump, battery, alternator. I also checked all the fuses & relays all are good, but I still have the same problem as before. I have no instrument panel lights, brake lights, radio want come on, & fuel pump no engaging
Believe is the driver's side rear wheel.
What should I be looking for?
Already trial n error not the fuel pump or the spark plugs
Nothing but cold air ,heater coil is not leakin
bought the car used and the speedometer, as well, of course,as the odometer hasn't worked since purchased.
I took it to Ford for more detail and their diagnosis said "veh. needs a complete tune up, plugs, boots and #8 coil. Veh. also has thermostat codes to replace thermostat. Ford wanted much too much money so I am not letting them do it. I am thinking that I will go to an outside mechanic and see if replacing the #8 coil makes a major improvement, if so I will get the thermostat replaced. I do not want to put a lot of $$ into a car I will not be able to have run OK for at least another year or so.
It is blowing out hat air.
Got into a wreck guy did a hit and run and knocked my front bumper and grill off now I have to take it to the dealership to get repair how long do u think it will take to replace including head lights there is no inter damage no leaking or anything just would like to know what's the estimate time rate it will take to fix.
Timing jumped
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