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I put oil in my car. The next day I check my oil and there is no oil on the stick.
happens when changing gerars and hard stop
LX model. Running fine (maybe 100 miles) after replacing Spark plugs, Fuel Injectors, Fuel Pump, & Filters.; ehen suddenly would "Chk Eng. Lt." would come on after engine would warm up, about 5 miles driving. Seemed to be loose battery cables (repair shop error), Tightened & started up- - no problem., 3 or 4 times, except most recent issue. Engine would die out after 5 - 10 miles of city driving.
It sat up for a year know it's not getting gas.
The wheel on the car on the drive side wont move could that be from my brakes locking up it a 1998 grand marquis
It started doing this right after I change the rear axle it is start acting up as soon as I stop slowly
The issue started with a squealing serpentine belt. Further investigation led me to believe I had an alignment issue. The power steering pump seems to be the issue but I'm not sure. The pulley and the shaft on the power steering pump moves to the front and back approximately an 8th of an inch. Could this be what is causing the squealing?
Can I get the door open so I can open the hood and replace the battery?
Also engine seems to slow down when the lights on dash start going on and off?
I have a '98 CVPI with a rebuilt 4R70W. The tranny came out of another '98 CVPI. It was great for a good long while. I was on my way home a week ago, and I noticed that it seemed to be perpetually in second gear and it displayed a trouble code. I have found out since that this is an intentional "Limp-in" mode. The trouble codes it displayed were for BOTH shift solenoids, and it indicated that they went out at the same time. Since it is so unlikely for two electronic parts to fail at the exact same time, that pointed me towards an electrical issue. I unplugged, cleaned, and re-plugged all the connectors on the transmission. When I checked the upright connector on the passenger side towards the back of the tranny, I noticed that the plug end, and every pin receptacle was soaked with transmission fluid. I checked the receptacle where the plug goes, and it had about an 1/16th of an inch of transmission fluid in the bottom of it. I soaked it out of the receptacle, sprayed contact cleaner there, and onto the plug, wiped them clean, and left it unplugged overnight to completely dry. Next day, I plugged it in, double-checked that it was seated properly, verified that the codes were clear, and drove the car around the neighborhood. Absolutely NO CHANGE! I Checked the plug later that day, and it had tranny fluid in it again. I know this tranny does NOT need a rebuild. There was/are no hot smells, the fluid level is right up where it is supposed to be, and it doesn't look or smell burnt. The problem has to be something electrical. I love this car; the way it handles, the room, the dependability (except for this dang transmission). Can someone help me please??? I cannot afford an expensive shop fee for troubleshooting, a rebuild, nor another used transmission.
when i accelerate it does not go right away and it seems like it miss fires and and it just starts to shake a little and does not want to go and before then i would drive and the check engine light would start flashing at me and i would not be able to accelerate at all
1998 Police intercepter leak in fuel injector V-8 gas engine 1st injector right side closest to passenger compartment Driver side
checked fuel to injectors good
checked all fuses good
checked spark to plugs good
it's a 5.0 efi
yes my a/c is blowing very hot air at all times ,wen turn vent on and is cool outside in morning it blows the same hot air, ckecked all fuses,compressor is fine and working, freon is full pipes very cold to the touch,just flushed coolant, i pulled in a shell station he was sayin a flab under dash was not opening what could it be , he said 300.00 if easy fix im decent with a wrench any advice plz would help thanks..
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