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I wanted to know may a 1997 Lincoln, steering wheel column, can go on a 1997 crown Victoria.?
replaced key lock cylinder, and ignition switch, im not sure of placement of hole in shaft and rod on switch, and what possition is key to install. the car dont crank, and key isnt turing ign. switch when turned.
Had broken axle shaft on drivers rear. Removed it, went & got used one from parts yard. Realized that the car has drum brakes but used Axle shaft I picked up has disc brake. Can I still install it & have one disc, one drum brake on rear of my car or do I have to go find another axle shaft that has the drum brake?
My car is running hotter , and it seems a brown looking substance is mixing with egune coolant in reservoir
I have changed the plugs, wires, coils, cam sensor, and the intake but it still miss fires only when warm what could it be?
I have to keep foot on gas pedal. Once car is warmed up... it starts fine for the rest of the day. It's worse in cold weather.
Wednesday morning of this week on the 21st of 2016 I was getting ready for work which was around 4 in that morning. Sort of cool outside so I crunk up my car, turned the heater on max along with the defrost. At least bout 15 mins my car was running. Blowing out cool air instead of heat. Mu coolant level is full and there's no leaks anywhere.
the car runs relatively smooth then when the ac is turned on ,it acts like its missfiring on a couple plugs
My piston on my engine is done
1997 crown Victoria ford
during driving the brake automatically engage and after a while it will be okay.what is the possible cause of this problem?
Well my neighbor just did my front tire rods inside and the outside ones. But when I went to back up out of driveway he said my wheels looked like they were about to fold outward or come off. What is the problem.
They look like they about to fall off.
when I try to pull off my car acts as if its straining to pull. It vibrates horribly until it changes in to second gear. My bf think its the shifter cable or strainer or drive shaft
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