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Smelling coolant coming into car when the AC is on no coolant leaking under the car does not overheat what's
Started last night. While driving it would just rev up then eventually go into gear. After a few it completely stopped going into gear and shifter wouldn't work right. This morning went into gear. Then just stopped again
My turn signal my dashboard and my parking lights keep blowing every time I replace my fuse everytime I turn my turn signal left it blows even if I just turned my parking lights on it blows somebody please help me I don't want to have to replace something that I don't have to...
So about 3-4 weeks ago i started hearing a faint chirping when i started the car. I checked the belt in the front by the fan and saw nothing out of the ordinary. I've noticed more recently when im driving it seems to shudder or shake between 30-40mph when shifting but below or over that speed it is smooth for the most part. Monday i pulled into a parking lot and got out and noticed it was leaking fluid.Like it was a nice size puddle too. Fluid was a orange reddish i assumed it was Anti-freeze because that was the same cooler the coolant tank was stained when a noticed a couple weeks back it was Dry. After alittle more thought and research mainly i filled my coolant up again a couple days ago and its like a clear neon green color 50/50 all weather. So i was driving to work today and noticed a increase in the shuddering when i got to work i popped my hood and noticed that this liquid had came out again but this time up by the top of the belt by the fan and gotten on the under side of the hood and some of the tubing and connnecters there by the belt.I could also smell it burning off which is what alerted me to looking under the hood. Same smell i smelled when it leaked bad a few days ago. There was some faint smoke but i thought it was the fluid being burnt off. If you could point me in the right direction it would be appreciated. Honestly its probably a few things but if its the transmission i would like to know so i can get that looked at ASAP...
Car was shaking during acceleration. Diagnistic codes said I had misfires in cylinders 2 and 8 and my primary and secondary ignition coils were bad. Replaced both coils and did a complete spark plug and wire replacement. Problem got a little better but still shakes during acceleration and Check Engine Light is flashing.
Also, what else could cuase the odometer and trip meters? Someone told me its a really hard job to do because of the springs and gesrs that aee back there idk though.
When slowing the car down it looses power. I have had both the fuel filter and fuel pump replaced. When this occurs I have to reset the emergency fuel shutoff to get the car to restart. Today it lost power when I tried to reaccelerate and merge into traffic.
I just drove this car from New York down to my home in Georgia. The car was owned by my grandfather, who used the vehicle only in the summer for longer trips to Vermont. He always kept in a garage, and started it and let it run for about 30 minutes each week throughout the winter. I know it was taken care of, and always maintained well. However, today I was just driving around town and it stalled during movement. The warning lights came on, the power steering went off, but the A/C blower kept running (although it was blowing hot air instead of cold). I stopped the car, turned it off, and it started right back up and drove fine. I just replaced the battery last week, so I dont think it is the issue...any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
Had to replace broken steering column shift tube. Had to take column out and reinstall. Everything else OK but air bag light flashes code: 52. Before I did this, I disconnected battery and removed # 10 fuse under dash. Flashing code says the above part has a failure. Does it need replacement?
need to replace the steering column on my 96 Crown Vic
all other gears work fine. Just no park?
I have narrowed the problem down to either the heater temperature control or the actuator. How do you determine which is the problem. Can a bad temp control swtch, be determined by a specific means, or do I just change them both. HELP, three winters w/heat issues.
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