problem occurs when i have to stop

I tried to recharge my ac and it wont take anymore and is still blowing out warm air ,my ac clutch isn't spinning what do I do

it idles fine, as soon as I but my foot on the brake pedal it stalls out. I checked the tail lights (all of them) i see no corrosion or bad wires \.then i notices the left lights wouldn't come on and now the right side is doing that.I disconnected both sides and the issue remains. No codes I re scanned 3 times. thank you

I have a 95 Ford crown vivtoria and i was just wondering. If any knew or could give an estimate as much it would cost to.get straight pipes ran with no.muffler.

If I push on the engine fuse box the alternator will kick in.
It's not the fusible link and gen 30amp fuse is fine.What can cause this problem?

It was simultaneous when the windows quit working. Is it a fuse, motor, or something else?

Hello, can I add Mecon V in rear axle in emergency situation?

If I don't know what kind of automatic transmission fluid on my Crown Vic, but I know that it exactly mineral(It can be probably Mercon or Esso D21611) can I add Mercon V fluid when I replacing filter an switch solenoid? Thank You

Hi, I have a problem with my Ford crown victoria 1995. It was sitting about 1,5 years. So I replaced plugs, plug wires, ignition coils, fuel filter, clean MAF. So still have the problem when i riding on hill engine start loosing power and speed. And when I accelerate from 30 to 40 miles/hr engine hesitates and shaking. Any ideas? Thank You

does the speedometer run on a fuse, cable, or chip?

Also something caused the airbag light to blink code 52. I replaced the battery and had alternator checked. When I turn the key to on position only cluster lamp that come on was battery one until I jump started it then all lights came on and car started but soon as i pressed brake or pushed power window button the dash shut off and car staled. When only some dash lights came on then car would not shit either and also the brake lights wont work until car dies then they come on????

can I bring it to the nearest ford place

it is loud all the time, just bought the car and it has over 150,000 miles

engine does not start. replaced fuel pump and pcm. got 12v to fuel pump relay but pump wont turn on with key on. check engine light comes on dim. code scanner will not turn on when it is plugged in. no spark from plugs. no voltage at fuel injectors. i check ohms on relays. zero resistance.