1993 Ford Crown Victoria Questions

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My radio and clock and interior lights all went out at the same time I'm not sure which fuse(s) to change
The wheels keep going to far to the right but nothing looks broken as far as tie rod ball joints ect.... could it be in the steering box?
The check engine light is on but tonold to have it checked at auto zone plugs are new and so are wires i replaced the mass air flow senor what are some of the things it could be help my gas mileage
of brown fluid on the floor of my garage.The brake fluid and oil levels appear do i check transmission fluid levels.
Need to replace Ecm, and need to know how to get to it.
It may be coincidental, but this started happening right after a major rainstorm. The car was parked inside a barn with a concrete floor. The water level rose to about 4 inches. No evidence of moisture under the hood.
I lost my keys and the trunk release button doesn't
Work then I pulled down the back seats so I can pull
On the emergency release rope.
My egr valve is stamped F1AE 9D460 B4D. I've looked everywhere for this number and it does not seem to exist. Any thoughts on possible equivalent numbers?
My engine is knocking so I was wondering can I get it rebuilt or just get another engine.
will changing the control mod fix my problem
this are the running lights not the head or braking lights.
the latch in the car releases the hood but the latch under the hood on the outside of the car does not want to release...what am i doing wrong?
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