1991 Ford Crown Victoria Questions

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Not sure if it is a neutral safety switch or where to even locate that on the vehicle.
OK I turn the key to crank the car and it makes a funny noise then in turn it the opposite way as if I'm turnning on the radio and it still tries to crank now its not doing anything could it be the starter or flywheel
Car has a water leak at the back, underside, by the firewall, I think. I cant see it. I stopped driving it when it started leaking. I have decided to fix it. I noticed that the heater did not get warm this winter when I did start it up. One person said it was a freeze plug that went out, but Ive wondered if it was something else since the heater stopped working. any thoughts?
I have a water leak that is under the engine, about mid-car, or at the back near the firewall. I used to have a heater that works, but now the heater is not working. I've looked, and the hoses all look ok. I cant really see where the leak is coming from because it is under the engine. What to do?
The speedometer still works okay. The trip meter failed first and then a few months later the odometer failed.
Then when break want to stall
Replaced the thermostat and that works fine. So sign of leaks and replaced the heat relay switch.
car drives well. However when I stop, I sometimes can't get the shifter to park. the car rolls back or forward.
It broke while I was driving. I pulled over and it wouldn't start. Can my engine be saved or does it have to be junked?
I would like to know where the external volt regulator is located on my 91 ford country squire 5.0v8 wagon. I know its bad cause the battery keeps over charging and the alternator is in perfect working order.
I am an experienced mechanic and can't find where to scan my check engine light. Can you let me know where to find it?
my car is leaking oil bad and smoking. its spraying from onto my pass side vc and anything else in the area. its weird bcuz it going up and not on the ground. i recently had my vcg replaced at a shop and the problem got even worse. wudafuxupwitdat?.
i need to change the freeze plugs on my car and i was wondering what an estimate would be on getting it repaired
I have been having problem with the shifting cable and this will be number two that I am putting on here at $180.00, it's not something I am looking forward to doing. Is there any thing that couild be worry with it that keep them braking.
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