1990 Ford Crown Victoria Questions

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It only starts in neutral and cuts out when put into reverse or low or park. Will stay running and drives in Drive
And how can I fix it cheaply but accurately
Only when you turn car on my tank starts dripping gas
We just replaced our fuel pump last Tuesday and now this week the cars is acting up again. When we start it up it might not start right away or it will and then when we try to leave it starts chugging like its going to die again and now our check engine light is on and hasn't shut back off
usually I just have to turn the key now I have to pump the pedal constantly over and over till I end up running the battery down. if and when it starts and I turn it off its the same thing all over the car idels just fine otherwise.
I replaced calipers, rotors, pads and rubber brake hose. passenger side caliper still locking up. it will release after car sits for awhile.
The car has no power even with the pedal pushed to the floor it will move slow and sluggestly. I have had both catalytic convertors replaced, cylenders pressure test, carburator checked, i i am about 400.00 in the hole at this point and need help please. Hornsey.
This is a wagon if it makes a diff>?
Blower works, compressor cycles on/off blowing nice warm air. Thank you
idler arm replacement
car overheated now it wont start,i changed the plugs distrubator cap and coil.
car overheated now it wont start,i changed the plugs distrubator cap and coil.
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