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the pump came from a 97 contour and i installed it in my 2000 ford contour. car runs great but fuel gauge reads empty after filling up . i noticed there`s different gauges for these two different years. must i get the 97 gauge and swap out the one that`s in the 2000 in order to make it work? the pump i took out of the 2000 was failing and i noticed it was an after market and had a higher ohms resistance when i checked the sender out . thanks j.a.dianna
The fuses and relays are good. Help!
You can hear the door open and push heat, then it sounds like it closes in about 3 seconds, like a loss of vacuum on it,or an electrical malfunction to it. Then it seams to start sending cool air...
Or what is is making it do that
Ac is cold in the morning until I get about 10 miles down the road. The ride home is hopeless. It's seems to be affected by the temp of the engine and the temp outside.
The AC And Heat stopped working no fan at all not sure if it is electrical or the blower motor or the switch??
My car drives fine until about 4 hours on my route then it stalls and sputters until it dies. It cranks up and runs for a little bit longer but throws the code P0304. I was installing a new fuel pump but noticed my fuel pump assembly had a burned wire inside of it and got another assembly out of the salvage yard.
I'm looking at buying this car is it difficult to fix and what other problems may arise?
so my car stalled and got it towed to the shop. they said it was the fuel pump. it was changed and a whole new tune up, coil pack, plugs, wires ect. the car is still in the shop and they are baffled. they say its fuel pump wiring but they cant seem to find where exactly. someone help please.....
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