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Speedometer stopped working. 96 ford contour gl 2.0L engine 5 speed manual transmission.
The car quit running. Had on defrost. Turned off defrost and cranked it back up. Also transmission has been jerking into gear. Not all the time but more often.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? cutting off with defrost on and cranking back up and running with no defrost.
How long have you had this problem? cutting off for a day now. transmission jerking for a few weeks
Trying to find out why the 1996 Ford Contour just stopped while I was driving it I still have power but it won't turn over
it feels like when your going about 110 miles per hur and the govener kicks in but it des this at abut 25 miles
just got done having to remove a broken key had a spare so reused ignition switch and had to replace battery and fuel filter
engine rpm does not increase and car won't move. I could manually increase rpm under hood. noticed getting worse last week of driving it.
I put in Freon and stop leak and got it cooling again.but clutch stopped put on new clutch and a dryer. clutch only engaging for a few seconds unless I jump it on low side it engages but wont take but one can of Freon. compressor seemed to work before this!WHAT DO I NEED NOW? Thank you for any advice !
Have timing belt
Now how to time it
has less than 1 hundred 20 thousand km
Started to notice it about a week ago, got progressively worse until I almost didn't make it home a couple nights ago. At that time I was traveling at approx 80km per hr. tranny was slipping from drive to neutral and back again as I was driving on the hwy. This transmission apparently doesn't require a filter so that isn't the problem. Up till now it's been a good car to me so I'm really hoping it won't require a new transmission to get it back on the road. I just can't afford that kind of expense. Someone on this forum said something about a pump, anyone know anything about that?
Every so often my car won't start. Seems to be happening more frequently. All the lights and the radio come on but when I try to turn it over nothing. No sound nothing. Sometimes it won't restart for days. Sometimes it a couple hours sometimes a few min. Once it starts again. No problems. Till it does it again.
tried replacing the dual filament bulbs, signals work but not brake lights on either side. All other lights in working order. Tried replacing the stop light switch assembly but didn't help. All fuses under the hood left fuse box looked good. Heard it could be the master switch assembly in the steering column, a fuse in the dash, or electrical in the trunk from the Central brake light, any ideas where to start first?
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