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Recently changed the starter tried to start the car fuse blew hot wired it how long is this short fix last and is it safe to drive on the hwy
I noticed a slapping noise coming from the engine when I took the belt cover off that is where the noise is coming from.
my 1995 ford contour gl the oil has been disapearing fast I keep filling it but its just gone again and over heating than at the same time my radiator has been leaking and today they both fried and my car died. my oi...
Need a wiring schematic fo9r the reverse lights as well as the location of the shift position switch for the Automatic Transmission. there is power to the plug in the console under the shifter, but the lights do not w...
car jerks when going up and down hills during exceleration and also when coming down hills.
how to remove intake manifold
When I shift from 1st to 2nd and into 3rd gear I get grinding
is there a fuseable link between alt and battary? car will run till bat dies. car will stay running with jumper cables hooked up. HELP ME PLEZZZZZZZZZ!
where should temp gauge read,says (normal) reads between a-l on gauge is this saying ity is to hot?and should my fan be running?it is winter here
I think one of the warning lights is either the coolant light or the battery light, I just don't know which is the coolant light.
Car overheats. Any other suggestions other than changing thermostat?
My mechanic informs me that both front subframe to body mounting bushings are missing and have been replaced with bolts and washers on my recently bought 95 Contour. Ford nor anyone else sells these bushing sets anymo...