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The gauage inside jumps up and down ive replaced the water pump upper radiator hose and thermostat can my problem be because i didnt do this right or is it just the temp sensors going bad. Ive also replaced the altenator new battery and terminals new ac compressor and cluch and new belt and now im having some noise like if something is hitting the fan or something i go check and nothing so it has me to believe that the fan clutch is going out but im not too sure can someone help me. This is a 1996 ford bronco with the 5.8L v8 211k on miles. Thank you for your time.
Was trying to pull a friends chevy out of some severe rutted mud environment today and all of a sudden a huge amount of smoke started coming from under the truck....briefly....I thought it was a tire smoking as the front of the truck was on pavement.. It didn't keep me from continuing to drive on up on the road and continued to pull him out with another truck helping by pulling me too. Afterward I looked back to where I was stopped and it started smoking and look like about a half a gallon of transmission fluid had dumped below the truck. Checking under the hood...the was no sign of leakage but no fluid showed on the stick. Looking under the truck show signs of a small amount of leakage where I had parked....coming from a circular seal of some sort under the truck. I can't find it on any schematic. My friend then went to buy fluid....took about 20 minutes....I never turned off the engine.....we added about half a quart first....saw no almost 1 1/2 quarts more to to show full n the stick. Drove about a mile at between 20 and 30 mph...stopped...saw no leakage....hit the highway at 60 mph for abut 4 miles and parked it.

The circular plug looking thing is about the size of a half dollar...appears to have a rubber oring or gasket above the metal....can spin with my finger and can press in and out slightly. I was thinking it might be missing a snap ring retainer but I couldn't find one at the site. I was definitely overworking the truck and it no doubt overheated. Is this just some safety mechanism that engaged of have I possibly really harmed the truck in some way. It appears to be working fine but I'd really hate to break dowm somewhere where the wreckers can't go.
applied electret grease to the pcm and bulkhead connector, replaced the distributor electronics,r&r crank sensor,ignition mod on the driver fender, new plugs, all started when rain crank no start, replaced plugs ,crank sensor and distributer electronics no start next day started drove till next rain ,after rain no start, greased the pcm , bulkhead connectors started drove Two days washed and again no start, with air gun dried pcm n bulkhead connectors started 2 days driving engine started popping,loss power stalling with restart than died crank no start, has 40 psi fuel psi pump runs please help if can thank you
I bought this truck wrecked and it had set up a couple of years. It runs really good on the highway but it's idling really fast (1100 to 1600 rpm) and it floods really bad once you turn it off. I have t hold the pedal to the floor to restart it and then it sputters for a while until it levels out again, I'm probably getting about 6 mpg right now. One friend thinks its the throttle position sensor and another thinks its the fuel pressure regulator. The local part stores in my area only have adapters to test the codes for Fords going back to 1997 and I can't afford to take it to the Ford dealer. My plan is to start replacing parts I can buy online one at a time until I find the right one. Mass air flow sensor and idle air control sensor are other other possibilities but are further down my list. Any advice would be appreciated.
I have bought two brand new water pumps from O'Reilly and the ball bearing have come off attached to the fan and cut through my radiator and it happened to the one that was on it then two new one's. can someone please tell me how I might fix this. My bronco also shakes and vibrates really bad.
Okay I found out why it kept dying on me when I come to a stop. The transmission filter had come loose and was just laying in the pan. So I replaced that and change my fluid. Now it says for that motor with the deep transmission pan, that's what I have, that it takes 6 quarts, after filter, to fill up. I have put 7 quarts in and still don't show on dipstick. Yes I am letting it warm up and in park while I check it. Everybody I have ask don't know what's the problem. It's junping while I shift it from park to drive or park to reverse also. Help please
I have a 96 Bronco in excellent condition and I drive it daily. But here lately it has been dying on me when I come to a stop. But if I shift it into neutral right before I come to a stop, it don't cut off. It shifts fine, transmission fluid looks good, and I'm just stumped on what is causing it. Maybe the alternator?
I cant find a short or bad ground anywhere. It has a brand new (icm) ignition control module, new plugs and wires, new crank sensor, new relays, and new coil. Once in a blue moon it will fire right up. But most of the time it wont do nothing but turn over. But like i said i changed all of that out and im getting power to my coil and (icm) but still no fire! What could be causing this??
i got the steering column down but i dont know how to disconnect the shifter arm
need to take out steering column to bring it to get repaired
first i was having problems getting the key in but the car was turning over by just spinning the ignition then as i moved the car out of the street to the drive way the steering wheel locked and now i cant get it to unlock but i can get the key in i was going to start taking of the steering wheel to see if i can remove the locking plate but will that work
have changed the coil and distridutor
turns over but won't fire
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