1995 Ford Bronco Questions

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Think it is either Transfer case wear, Replacement PS Pump Pulley pressed on wrong or Trans filter needs changing. Accelerating under bridge hear some sort of exhaust leak reflecting on wall when Accelerating. Changed PS Fluid to Mercon V and it is a little less. Thought it was tire related but it is smooth when cold
I also have brake groan? What would fix this?
Finally, I need suspension work and need to know where would be the best place to go for a 4" lift procedure?
the Arizona standard is 4.0 and I received a 5.27. This is for the Eddie Bauer Edition.
when i start it runs fine when i step on the gas it idles high an never stops
I have a 95 ford bronco EL 4WD W/147.000 miles on it. Starts in all weather conditions, drives 1/2 to 2 miles to a store. I then try to restart 1-2 min later it wont start up. it will restart after waiting about 45 mins? shop has confirmed all is ok ( crank, new battery, lights electrical system etc..). It has a new distributor. It has been in the shop several times without repair! Any idea why this continues to happen??
after i installed a 'noisy' gear drive my check egine light is on and my truck runs rich.
The trans is not shifting correctly while this light is flashing. Whats going on
ok basically what my truck does is, if the check engine light is on..truck runs fine wont idle high nothing just runs good, but once that light goes off, its a whole other story, it will idle all the way up 2000 then bounce between 1500 and 2000 and will not come down..if you put it in gear it will slow to 1000 and no lower, it has become hard to hold it back at a stop light, i have bought a new upper intake gasket and a tps sensor, have not installed yet, just want to know is there anything else i should try while im at it? the codes it throws are a tps, too much voltage to the tps and trans slippage, but i believe that is from the idle running so high. the truck dont know what to do when its running like that.
It always happens first thing in the morning, but sometimes in the afternoon also. The idle goes up and back down to almost dying to back up to 1500rpm and back down. When I put it in gear, no problem at all. It will idle just fine in gear with foot on brake and drive off without fail.
The 1995 bronco is a XLT trim package with bench seat.
front tire riding on inside edge
the starter rod does not come out to remove the upper section
My ford bronco died while sitting at an idle and now it will not start. Any ideas
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