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94 ford bronco 4 wheel drive. Abs light stays on. Changed all sensors,replaced control module,reset abs codes. Speedo fine,no od lamp n shifts good
It has manual locking hubs. Just replaced auto locking hubs.
When accelerating while driving in overdrive shifted very hits into drive very hard . An also won't ideal down after warmed up
Shift hard down from overdrive to drive while driving when accelerating , won't ideal down after driving an warmed up
The engine cranks over as normal with a new battery. There is gas flow and a dark blue spark. After setting for 4-5 hours, then it will start and run. What causes this? The transmission will not shift into drive. It stays in second gear. This started yesterday(7-31-16)
When i started my truck my abs light was on. When i drove it, my speedometer went crazy, the truck wouldn't shift past 2nd, and would downshift back into first. My rear window (witch i had no problems with) suddenly would not work either.
1994 ford bronco5.0 engine
You have to manually shift my tranny cuz somebody put a new one in and they rigged up a metal wire that is going inside the pan and it is loose and means no gasket is on the pan. Now I drive thru water and all it does is bogg down and has no power at all. The o/d light keeps blinking now since I got the water in it. What do I do to fix it?
5.8 lt when driving there is no real power max speed about 30 mph runs back and forth thru 1st 2nd and 3rd. What would cause this and how can i fix it.
Engine will not crank. The electrics come on. Speedo also sweeps back and forth and ODO has strange readout. I've seen the sppedo and ODO issue before but never had a no crank issue until now. Are they related?
Was. On freeway doing 65 I needed to make a sudden stop but my brake pedal did not move at all turns very stiff had to coast to a stop on shoulder. This happend to my wife three days ago but then brakes went back to normal now it happend again can't take changes baby on board .also when ever we would brake for example on a red light towards the end before coming to a full stop you can hear a humming noise whith vibration then the truck would pull to the left then it would stop..items replaced brake calipers brake booster still having this problem..
when you first start the engine it runs good, after it go from fast idle to idle it will run ok for a bit and then wants to die. it sounds like it is gasping for air. If I unplug the MAP sensor it goes to high idle and runs ok, but when I plug in back in it want to die again. have changed MAP sensor, O2 sensor and ignition module. any other ideas?
if you try and drive it when you accelerate it with fall all over itself then take off. if just driving it miss out until it get warmed up it runs good. any ideas? changed ignition module.
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