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It kinda sounds like the fuel pump goes bad beacuse when I start it up it starts right up and runs good but than when it heats up it sounds like the gas is cutting off
Just started after replacing thermostat and gasket drove next day got out of car came back noticed temperature high checked reservoir full
Just bought a bronco last week and the ignition started to lock up and I have to wiggle the key to get it started,do I need to replace the ignition coil?
It drove fine on the way home, idle was a bit lower than normal. Didn't drive it the rest of the weekend and problem happened this morning.
what would cause my manifold to start turning cherry red on both sides? not only that but now it sounds like my rockers are hitting somewhere.
So I have a set of spark plug wires on my truck but this is the third set I have currently been through in the last year. The wires and boots begin tearing causing spark and electrical discharge. What am I to do to keep this from happening. I am wanting to get the long tube performance wires but I don't have the money for it and I don't know if they would be any better. What should I do. I'm going to buy a new set tomorrow but what can I do to prevent them from tearing?
My truck is a daily driver but I recently had a mechanic replace the fuel pump and sending unit. Now after a few weeks when I hit a bumpy road or a bump it shuts the fuel pump off. I can wiggle the pump on top of the tank on the sending unit and every now and then it turns the pump back on. What do I do. I've worked on vehicles for awhile but this is new to me.
It has a brand new A/C compressor but the A/C system is inoperable and needs service according to owner.
Dipstick goes in. It appears to be disconnected at the transmission. Is this something I can fix myself? If so, how?
A clicking sound but when i touch the brack it stops.
Just wondering what would be more common the oil pan gasket has a little rip near one of the bolts holes figuerd that could be my problem need some feed back im just a rookie
ignition module and distributor and computer .it died one day going down road and has never cranked since dnt know what to do.for awhile everytime u stopped it would die
hello, i have a 93 ford bronco 5.8 that i picked up real cheap for only 1200 bucks. it has been a dream of mine for so long to actually own one. it has some problems that are running me through loops and bringing me to dead ends.

1: it idles very rough, it only does it when sitting still in drive or park and ocassionally when stopping at a light it dies

2: the fuel guage does not work

3: the cruise control doesnt work

4: the steering is loose, it has about 3 inches of play towards both directions without the truck responding.

any help would be greatly appreciated! can feel free to email @ if you are willing to help!
after sitting all night and starting engine in morning if below 40 degrees it runs great on high choke for 1 min. than than comes off high choke and stalls and won,t idle on restart.
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