1992 Ford Bronco Questions

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Misses on idle--Hasn't had tune-up in long time
I can't get it to move at all in 2 wheel drive high and 4 wheel high is the same way? So, I tried 4 wheel low and it works?
Transmission has fluid, but, the transfer case was very low in fluid. It actually wouldn't go into 4 low till after adding fluid to transfer case.
And, now that is the only way it will drive? (No problem shifting)
Did I blow my transmission?
When I stop and put in park the trans will continue to pull slightly, when engine is shut off it will roll back till it catches the "park" gear. Also is slipping and trying to start off in second... I think she's crapped out on me......
I have a 92 ford bronco and the defrost works but won't switch to floor or dash vents! What could be wrong and what can I do to fix it?
My truck died about 2 weeks ago due to loose Connections on my solenoid. Once I fixed the loose connections I noticed my speedometer wasn't working. I checked fuses. Fuses are all good.
I just bought a Bronco a few days ago. Today, I took it to Grease Monkey to get her up to speed to pass emissions. When I go to pull out, the parking brake is on. I release it. Just after I get done with emissions, both rear brakes start smoking. I'm wondering what the probable cause of this issue is.
The brake fluid is topped off, and steady. The Pedal feel will go between rock hard and spongy. The brakes will grab so hard that I can't move out of a parking space, then after they cool, it will be hard to move from the space, then be ok for a while. I'm hoping that it's the parking brake so I can just unhook it.
After it warms up the oil pressure drops , and the knocking gets louder . The oil pump in going , but what can the knock be , and what can I do to fix it ? This always happens , it seems fine when cold , though when giving gas at idle the knock will get a little louder , but faint still
max horse power
what is the cost to rebuild replace transmission
When I start my Bronco oil pressure goes up to low normal, on or between the N&O. I let it warm to driving temps at idle same reading, I head out on the highway 60mph CC set and oil pressure drops just below the N, I return to Idle goes back between the N&O. During all driving, idling and reving the motor sounds smooth no knocks or ticks and is very powerfull while driving. Any ideas?
Was driving yesterday heard a loud thud under car and then the tires barked and the truck stopped like i slammed on my brakes. I drove it in low for about 20 miles to my home.I have reverse and low, when i put it in drive it will drive about a block then bark tires again and come to a complete stop.I assumed transmission was out. I was estimated 1200. to rebuild.My ? is could it be the torque converter or the transfer case(had it rebuilt 3 years ago).When i checked the transmission fluid it was empty,it was not burnt.It took 2 quarts and read full.Please help! I can't afford to rebuild it.
I have not started the Bronco in a while. I was saving it for my son to drive when he comes of age. Pulled off the cover the other day, tried to start it and it would not fire. The plugs are new, the wires new, distributor new, new coil and battery and fresh gas. Fuel is getting to the injectors, pump sounds like it is priming fine, but for the first time ever, she cranks and cranks and cranks and simply will not fire. I have not yet checked the fuel pressure to see if the pump is 100%... someone mentioned the injectors could be clogged - seemed a stretch that all would be clogged. Another guy said that when one injector goes down, the computer shuts them all down?? Does anyone have any suggestions of what direction we should head in? Thank you
got the caliper off and pushed the bolts out to loosen up the Rotor, but it appears I cant just pull the Rotor off because of another smaller rotor looking round cylinder is in the way. It is a XLT with manual 4 wheel drive that you have to hope out and put into gear manually on the tire. Please respond I'm stumped and wonder if I might have to pull the axle off and pull the Rotor off the back Thank You
Sometimes it smokes under the left side of the hood right in front of the driver side and where do I put the steering wheel fluid? The power steering is whining and getting harder to keep on the road.
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