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happens when it gets warm but not hot
When the bronco is started (whether it's cold or not) if it hasn't been driven in like an hour or so, it takes forever to shift into reverse, and then longer to shift into drive. basically when you start it you gotta wait a minute before you shift into reverse, and then after you shift into reverse when you try to shift it into drive, once it's in the drive position, it doesn't actually GO into drive for another minute.
if so, what would be needed?
I seen on this site that the actuator might be broken. where is this actuator located & can I do this myself how much does this actuator cost?
I have power to rear window switch not to key switch window used to go down a few inches but only a half inch now how can I get it down to open tail gate and replace tail light's
in my engine i have a very loud clanking noise about 3-4 weeks ago i started to hear this noise and its progressivly worsened over time and now i have lost all pressire in my engine i think my tick will bairly accelorate because theres now power when i accelorate my oil levels are fine but a few months ago my oil gauge statred to flicker up and down when i would stop at a red light but when i hit the gas it would go normal so i dod pay mind to it but now it just sits 100% below L i need help, can anyone tell me where to start repairing, my truck can bairly drive now to and the clanking sounds like its comming from under the headders it sounds like a bent rod but i think im wrong on that
help please and thanks
my bronco won't disengage from 4x4 to a normal drive
why can't i seem to be able to disengage from 4x4 to normal drive when i put my gear on neutral and push the 4x4 button. I'm I doing something wrong? Can you please help me out on this. thank you
i have good fuel pressure well with in the specs. ive replaced the coil, plugs and wires new dist. cap and rotor, batterie and ig mod on the side of the dist. timing has been reset. ive been told that its a fuel volume issue even though i have good fuel pressure. any ideas would be greatly apreaciated.
How much oil is needed to be added to a new air comprssor?
i need to replace my serpentine belt on my bronco, so i need to see a diagram of how it goes on. so i need a belt diagram for a 1991 ford bronco xlt 5.8L 351 fuel injected windsor v-8
where is this relay tuck died out
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