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I have a 1990 Ford Bronco with 126,000 actual miles. Recenlty overhauled engine. New fuel pump, filter etc. For a while now, even before the overhaul, the truck was difficult to start at times. Always difficult when the engine is cold, sometimes difficult when engine is warm. Think I may place excessive wear on my starter if I do not correct this problem.
I have antifreeze coming out of the exhaust (real bad) and was told that "Thermagasket" application would solve the problem. Is that correct?
oil pressure gauge sometimes works , more or less when I step on the gas its up and down almost never moves . What should I do
the year if my truck is not available but is the same as a 90 model, this thing has been giving me a fit for more then 2 1/2+ years, when i crank it, it runs fine for about 5 seconds or so, ides up to 2500 rpms then it trys to die, feather the gas (wave the peadal) it starts to run rough, then as im giving it gas it pop's out the intake "so sever it blows the air box lid off, and i can keep it running like that for a brief time then it dies, and will strart back up and do it all over again, runs really rich, fuel pump works fine, timing seems right, it just seems like it not getting enough air, i wrecked the week before this happend, but did no visual damage to my truck, but the mini van i hit was 6 or 7 thousand dollars of damage, i have put a tune up on it, plug's, wire's ,cap etc..., checked fuel pump kicks on as usall, i replaced the tps (throttle postition senser) and fixing to clean IAC and the throttle body in best hopes, but it back fired really bad one and only one time right befor this happend and it started going down hill slowly for a bout a week after and now wont run at all, please any help is greatly apprecaiated,
so i was driving to get dinner the other night and when i let off the gas my transmission area started making a wierd clicking/grinding noise i managed to get it home with no problems other than the noise i did 55 with no problems and it was shifting perfectly but as i pulled into my driveway i went to back in and as i took it out of drive and put it into reverse i didnt feel anything engage so i tried putting it back in drive and still nothing then i tried park and it started rolling backwards. you can hear it engage but it goes no where. someone please help lol -mike
when i start the bronco i have to keep it reved up or ti wil;l stall. When i get going the car shudders until i get to about 55 mph then maybe i can'tnotice. the car is old and i'm hoping itjust needs a spark plug or tune-up. any ideas?
And does it use regular gas
hey i been having problems with my 90 bronco 5.8L about 2 weeks ago it started turning off suddenly we changed the distributer control module and it seemed to have worked but later that day it wouldnt start now it doesnt turn off while driving anymore but now sometimes it wont start just after it started with no problem 5 10 minutes befor this has been going on for 2 weeks now so i havent been driving it can someone please help me we checked the dist. cap wires coil fuel pump and lines battery spark plugs compression and still just crank and no start at times?
vehicle is actually a Bronco II, '87. (that make/model not avail in drop dwn menu).
anyway, hv had tune up, fuel filters changed, vacuum leak fixed, and idle motor replaced. after ea repair, would run well bout 7-10 days & start stalling again. been to three mechanics 5 times. Aaagh. i'm female, little no knowledge of vehicle probs/repairs. Hv this bronco out at my airline base city, SFO. commuter apt is in Burlingame, near SFO airport. very panicky situation to stall on street or at intersections here. any ideas?? thx much, marsha
ps- techs hv indicated engine is good, etc. this WAS a very reliable vehicle..MT to Denver, Denver to San Fran
what should the fuel pressure be at the fuel rails?
I have a 1979 Bronco with a 351 modified. It idles a little rough and bogs down on acceleration if I punch it too hard. The acceleration problem turns into a chug instead of a bog and pop after about 40 miles and gets worse. The engine has just been rebuilt and has a reman distributor. The plugs and wires are new as well as the coil and voltage regulator.The noise suppressor went bye bye with the old coil but I still have it When setting the timing I noticed the pulse missing and even firing at the wrong time every so often. This happens consistently on all wires and the # six wire fires three or five times each compression stroke. With the light on the coil wire and without blinking a dead spot can be seen. I know the light itself is good because the #6 spark plug is much cleaner and whiter than the others. Seems to be completely burning the fuel mixture. This is a duraspark system and the emissions label says this vehicle complies with California emissions. So I would think It is a duraspark I. Can anyone tell me why This one plug would fire multiple times and the others miss 8-10 percent of the time? Could this be caused by low compression on one cylinder?
1988 bronco xlt full size, low ratio, 2700 RPM @ 55mph. But not listed on door jam.
Rear ring gear code: 2 373 547 AF 11 41 2H8. Diff tag 354 E81 SC 610310-2.
Front diff tag: 3 54 E81 SC 610310-2
I have frnt/Rear limited slips. Just cant tell type..
OK,I took my hub ends off to see why the lock ring won't disengage and looks normal. But, what pulls the lock ring out? No spring and the grease otherwise holds the lock ring in, even when in unlock position...
Hello, got two 1988 bronco's both have 351 v8's. How Do I discern the 351W from the 351M ? Haynes/Chiltons won't break the VIN down enough to tell me...
hi, i got some codes that came up on my bronco. they are 14, 53, 63 ( i replaced the throttle position sensor), 87, 33 ( i took off the egr valve and i cleaned it and checked it for vacumm and it works just fine.)but i wanted to know more about the profile ignition pick-up signal. where it is? could it cause the truck to run bad? i am lost about it. thanks for your time. chad
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