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I loaned my Bronco to someone who will remain girlfriend :)

5.8W, F.I. that never had any prior fuel problems.

While low on fuel and idling, engine eventually died due to fuel starvation as it ran out of gas. I'm told that what was added was "unleaded gas" but the engine hasn't started since.

At the filler, what I smell isn't as pungent as 'gas'.

She grabbed a red plastic fuel canister that had the "gas" in it. She has other equipment around her ranch that uses diesel fuel, but she's assured me that it wasn't diesel fuel that she put in.

Other than the gas cap being opened briefly, the fuel system hasn't yet been opened. It's a back up vehicle, not my daily driver, and I haven't touched it in a year and.

Whatever that fluid was, I suspect that it's now some hard varnish-like dried crud.

I can (could the day I had it towed home) hear the pump when in ACC and ON.

I suspect that to do this right, I'll have to drop the tank. If I have to drop the tank, I'll replace the pump at that time.

When I replace the fuel filter....should I attempt to blow air from there back towards the tank?

Is there some solvent that I should put in the tank hours/days prior to working on it?

If there is a solvent to use prior, should I let it sit in the fuel line from the tank to where I've opened at the fuel filter....and then drain it after the solvent has had time to work?

I want my Bronco back!

This great truck has never left me anywhere and, although it hurts at times to feed it, I love it and want to keep it running for many more years.

It's clear to me, even with my limited skills, that I should clean the entire fuel system from tank to injectors.

How do I do that properly?

Thanks in advance
Trucks been non-op past 6 or so years. Tried inj. cleaner. Checked connectors. Generally seems to run o.k. but still sometimes gets a dirty inj. Don't have a emissions manual or breakout box. Any way to check o-2 sensor with ohm meter?
a few times but noyhing ,it has break flued im going to hit some one help me please,im a girl that knows a little .it smells a little also.
Have to upgrade system to allow use of the new freon required.
Getting quotes from $750 to $3000.
What would s real ballpark figure run?
their is power going to the starrter but it wont turn over
I just put brand new tires on the rear of my Bronco and now i'm having problems with the front end. The problem is when driving down a straight roadway my bronco wants to go left or right on its own without me turning the steering wheel.But when i try to correct the problem it pulls hard in the direction in try to correct, say it pulls right when i correct it by easing to the left, it jerks left.
I have put brand new bushings and and front end components in it within the last 6 months and now this starts.
If you have an answer please help.
I have changed the icm an feul pump relay an still does the same thing
It just happened recently and I dont know what it could be i changed the fuel filter but that doesnt seem to be the problem
I was told to test for spark to take one of the plugs out
and when I turn it over see if it sparks was none ,is this
a way of testing?
every time i step on the gas it rattles pretty hard from im guessing under the motor. then whn i release the gas it runs smooth.
When I start the engine first thing it idles at the proper rpm, but as it warms up the engine goes up about 400 rpm and never comes down till it cools off.
It seems to stop ok but the light is on all the time. I have had the diff cover off and found chunks of metal in the bottom of the housing. There are no strange noises coming from the diff.

When shifting it jerks the whole truck, especially to reverse, makes a huge clunking but still works. New engine, when slowing down below 10 mph it sometimes shifts to early or acts as if gas is not getting through, I give it gas and it barely goes but in a couple of seconds it gets the right gas flow and surges forward. Changed fuel filter, changed the battery, not sure what to do.
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