1990 Ford Bronco Questions

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key will not insert into ignition
I have a 89 Ford bronco sport 2 I can manually put it into 2ed gear but when I put it in drive it stays in second gear and only revs to 2900rpm how can I fix it
if I don't let it warmup it takes a bit before iy goes into gear if I stop it takes a few seconds before it goes back into gear and moves
will start first time then no start! replaced ECM Ignition coil & ignition cylinder, cap,button,starter relay & starter.As soon as it warms up the same problem occurs at varying intervals. its getting very old is there a real world solution always been a ford man please help.
I have a 1990 5.0l bronco five speed, sometimes when I start it shell fucking fly like a mustang and make it to 6000 rpm with ease and and then others she's slow as shit and doesn't like to go beyond 4000 rpm, any ideas why it does this? I'd really like her to run fast always otherwise she has no power.
When I first got it;it ran fine then I noticed the timing went out of whack it runs hot and when you drive it maybe 9 miles after it hears it will not start after you shut it off. Looks to be rebuilt? Suggestions?
It continued to run. It did not do it all the time but third time is it just stopped.Now when I turn ignition it just clicks. Was this a bad starter all along or was there another issue that caused this and will do same thing when I replace my starter?
Looking at buying a bronco but the 4x4 shifter is not connected it just swings freely and can actually be just lifted up and pulled out. Is there a simple connection for this or is it a much bigger problem???
When the old ford is turned off, the battery drains. I put an amp meter in series and can see the drain. (I think it was 150-200ma.) I then break the circuit by taking the amp meter and removing it from the battery. I do this for 1 second and then reconnect the wires to put the amp meter back in series. The drain is gone! I then turn the ignition on and off, and the drain is back. It continues to drain until the circuit is broken.

I then found that the batter drain quits if I leave all those wires connected, but disconnect the positive wire to the alternator for just a moment. Again, I turn the ignition back on and off and the drain starts all over again.

The car appears to work just fine other than the drain. The alternator is charging the battery. Is the regulator fried?

Runs well great power etc. At very slow speed in Drive rpm fluctuates up and down approx 150rpm 6-750 rpm. Check engine light comes on when slow running. Poor fuel economy. At 1200-1300@30-35 mph the cqar surges and jerks. Codes 42 - HO2S sensor voltage high/system rich. O2 sensor changed. rebuilt engine approx 20,000 miles
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