1996 Ford Aspire Questions

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Want to drain radiator
Squeak from inside car near speedometer
My car will back up just fine, but when I put it in first gear and take off it don't want to pull and it also dies out.
It spits and sputters when you hit the gas and it just does not want to go backfires through the carburetor
the next time I drove it (2 days later) the front axle fell off....was this caused by them??
I just bought this car and the heater and ac don't work. There is a funny smell that fills the car when I'm driving. I was informed that there is an issue with the heater core and I'm pretty sure that means it's leaking right? I'm wondering if I should replace it or just buy some K-Seal or something similar. How do you replace a heater core in a 96 ford aspire? Any advice?
My sons car is squealing, not much at first but the more you drive the more it squeals. He also had to replace the battery last weekend and already the battery light is on. In addition a belt is slightly frayed, I'm wondering what it could be. I just don't want to get suckered in to spending a huge amount of money, I only want to fix the problem. How can I determine exactly what it is and possibly fix? Thank you!
Need to replace fuel pump not sure where its located
its a 1.3 litre with a automatic transmission ,what could be causing this its has new wire plugs, dist cap
The diagnostic code is P0340, Camshaft Position Sensor. Searches on Camshaft Position Sensor return Crankshaft Position Sensor. My Haynes manual talks about a Camshaft sensor in the distributer and a Crankshaft sensor by the oil pump. Which is Which for code P0340?
Unless I disconnect the battery or pull the fuse they are constantly on. when I pull the fuse then I don't have turn signals either. Any suggestions?
Where is the Low side AC service port in my 96 Ford Aspire ? Regards GRAMS05
We checked serpentine belt and it's tight, it tries to turn over but won't start
i have to keep jump starting it it runs but as soon as you shut it off you have to jump it again for it to start.i have had starter and altenator and battery checked all good i have even checked the connection on the starter in good shape we are stumped
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