1994 Ford Aspire Questions

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This car does not have powersteering.
I got the tire off but I can't get the drums off I already did the front brakes
fuel pump not priming on 2cond position/ fuel pump makes noise on 3rd position while cranking no start/ fuel coming up to the fuel filter yet it almost wants to start/ replaced fuel pump relay and main relay to no avail/ tell me I think the culperate is the fuel pump itself....anyone help me?
The axel and what else
i was driving car steped on gas car died the started ran then died couldnt drive it
It just started and transmission doesn't seem to shift. Is this a engine problem or transmission problem?
tried with funnel to add to speedometer cable spot and flowed right wouldnt take the fluid.Wrong spot?
I have a 1994 ford aspire 5 speed manual. Last winter I stopped at a stop sign. When I put the car into 1st gear it wouldn't move forward. I then put it into neutral and tried to put into first again. To my dismay, Nothing. I then tried it in second. Nothing. Finally I got it to go in 3rd gear and reverse but that was all. My shifter floats around freely and won't even stay in second now. What is wrong and how can I resolve this issue. I love this car and miss driving it.
i have had my car a year with no problems, last mont the temp out side went to 0. i drove my car the night before and in the morning trans failed from start. fluid was at normal i checked the fluid after several attemps with normal weather and the fluid level has went about 3 inches over full mark and it still has no gears. any ideas what my problem could be?
oil sending unit where is it
When I start my car it seems ok, but after warming up it spits and sputters and doesn't want to idle
How or where do you fill the transaxle fluid. Do you fill from the speedometer cable?
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