1996 Ford Aerostar Questions

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After running out of gas it started bogging and sputtering at times.
Power. Bogging down too. What could it be. Feul pump still seems to be pumpin om.
Small amount of air comes through the defrost when any of the positions are on the dial. Can't get A/C to come through the proper vents How do I fix?
Do I replace the converter in hopes it eliminates the problem or start with something else like to 02 sensor etc. I am female and know nothing about car repair. trying to save money so I can sell this van. Thank you.
new plugs,wire's,coil pack,02 sensor,isc motor.good compression vacuum steady at 18 motor has valve train noise after warmed up changed rocker arms & push rods on #4,#5,#6 head motor runs & sounds 50% better code po306 came back after one day.the motor dose not over heat no back firing motor will spin the tires.Question will the code po306 set if cylinder #2 is miss firing since coil pack fires both cylinder #2 & #6 at the same time
have 96 aerostar van
There is an elec. receptacle on the top of the compressor. I have no plug for it. Where can I find it and its source ?
happens all the time
i put on my cruse controlit willnot turn off my engine is raging
Elderly father parked car six months ago and now we can't get out of park. Engine starts fine.
is a press required for the wheel berrings?
no compression in #1 cylinder redo the heads is that the solution and how much should i pay thanx
how do I fix this auto parts store said I had to make my own part who is this possible
Where can I find a Smog referee station in my area ?
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