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Chirping clicking noise started at rear of engine about a week ago. 178,000miles on engine. Ford aerostar 3.0.
I loaned out the van; it came back with the side door not being able to open. I've tried locking, unlocking, prying, and removing the top inside panel, but not a budge. How do I get it open before it can even be fixed?
Has been running rough for a while. Happened before and I put it in neutral and pushed it forward then in drive then park and it started right up. Then drove 1,00 miles no problem. Each time after sitting a day or tw...
I get a loose feeling clunk when going over bumps and potholes, I have high pitched whine on turn. Thick sludge is present on driveline/ujoint side of diff housing. Previous owner replaced broken trans with rebuilt on...
cruise control stopped working the fuse is good. I think the vacuum line is off where does the vacuum line go
I stick metal pin on driver side have someone raise lever while i try get rear cable out equalizer ,but does not provide any slack.
Why am I getting gas mixed with the oil? Every three days my engine oil level increases by a quart and I have to drain the excess gas, oil mixture.
How do you change the spark plugs in my 1991 ford aerostar. engine light keeps going off and on. I was told I my have a bad plug.
I own a 1991 ford areostar xlt elect.4 wheel dr. with a 4.o engine. when i apply the brakes or tun the steering wheel the shot shaft knuckles up like the suspension all move forward. I think the a frame bushings are b...
Fuel Pressure Regulator, screws are upside down difficult to unscrew , do i need to remove fuel rail to replace
Engine starts right up idles good untill i start driving then Runs Rough, Stalls, Hesitates on Acceleration, Hard Starting, Poor Performance. I replaced idle control motor
I have a all wheel drive 91 ford aerostar and I don't know what could be wrong with it, when it gets to about 55 mph it starts to shake, not just the steering wheel, the whole van, and it runs through coolant like cra...
where are the freeze plugs located