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After changing my ignition switch my car hasn't turned on since what could cause that? And the ignition lock wire i feel that That has something to do with it. Or could it be a fuse or something Idk
I've changed bulbs and fuses and have turn signals, runt no brake lights
Rear abs display light will not turn off.
if it does start, i'll start driving , then all power shuts off . it cranks, you can hear fuel pump, starter works, i have a spark, full of fuel .
tranny problem was working going fine and just failed
The blower does not blow
Do you have a picture of the EGR valve location on this van
Ok here what I have done so far. I have changed the fuel pump and fuel filter. Changed plug and wires. Fuel pressure regulator has also been changed. The only way I can get it actually run is spraying carb spray into the intake. I have checked for vacuum leaks but not that would keep it from running.
I have been told there will be a pin/button to push. I can't find it. I don't think there is one. do have pictures? can you tell me how to remove the tumbler and key?
Everytime I try to start the engine when the motor is cold, it will not move when I put it in drive or reverse
I was starting the engine and let of the ignition too soon, turned the key again and when the engine started it was at a rough idle and then smoke and some sparks were seen under the dash somewhere or near the firewall. Now the idle is very rough and while it is drivable, I am 5 hours from home and need to leave on Wednesday morning. Any help would be appreciated very much.
brake pedal, when depressed, reaches the floorboard,,and will not stop readily, the brake fluid is full, and not appear to be leaking. what repairs will need to be done, and what will the expense be, estimate?
The vehicle was operating fine and traveling downhill on a freeway when the transmisson seems to have failed. The transmission has fluid but we have absolutely no power transmission in any forward or reverse gear. Before we replace the transmission can we determine that the transmission is the problem or is it a torque converter problem? If we decide that the transmission needs to be replaced are there any words of wisdom that may help us along the way?

Thanks, Wayne
my check engine light comes on once in a while,but doesent stay on, it does not affect the driving ability, but gets anoying.. how do i find out whats wrong?
I live in las vegas i have an 1988 ford areostar van it dies when its hot outside and will start when its cooler how can i fix this
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