Q: Ford 2002 Winstar 50k miles has oil smoke on first start of the day. on 2002 Ford Windstar

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Cmoke about 50% of the starts. No engine warnings, or codes.
Ford dealership maintained per schedule. Just had new ball joint replaced along with a cross member reacall replacement. No issues until after the last replacement service. No change in mileage per gal. About 27 hwy, 18 City. Car otherwise in excelent mechanical and cosmetic condition. Garaged if not on highway.
(1) Answer
Although the mileage is low the age of the vehicle is still a factor. Typically smoke at start is a sign of valve guide seals wear. This could be due to them becoming hard with age. Oil can leak down the guide while the vehicle sits. Its burned off at the initial start. Another cause for this could be clogged drain passages from the head to the crankcase. Typically this is on vehicles that are not well serviced. Sludge builds up under the valve covers and eventually clogs the passages that allows oil to drain back to the pan. This is only one possibility, I'm sure there are others.