Q: follow up to emergency brake switch on 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier

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i did try to hook up e.b. switch --but no matter where i tried to place it the brake light on the dash and the chimes still ring--- everything seems to work on the car with the e.b. switch unhooked... it bothers me that no chimes or light on dash came on after the rear cable was put in?? i started it and took it for a ride everything was o.k. all these problems came after i unhooked the emergency brake switch when i "thought" that i was dealing with the rear reverse light switch and unhooked it to see if it had any juice going to it. (i know where the reverse switch light is now) i will give up on this unless someone has any other solutions p.s. what will go wrong by keeping it unhooked???
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I will look into it for you and write ASAP. Just for sheets n giggles, Have you checked the brake fluid level in the master cylinder?
yes i have checked the fluid level a--o.k. like i said it all seemed to happen when i mistook the switches. i am baffled no matter where i tried when i hooked up the switch same results thanks for the comeback!!! glad everything else seems to work. i thought maybe headlights or something else might not work with switch unhooked