Q: follow up about the 1976 Dodge on 1990 Dodge Ram Van B350

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The shop I brought the 1976 Dodge Minnie Winnie to said that the exhaust manifolds needed to be planed and the gaskets replaced. Everyone I've talked to about it comments about the probability of broken bolts when taking off the exhaust manifolds. A thought that occurred is the possibility of using JB Weld expoxy as a way to seal off the leaks. The manifolds are aluminum? The block is steel?
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JB Weld? and if that doesn't work and it wont. You will just have to do it over the right way. So , why not just do it right the first time and be done with it. I would get another estimate too. Are you talking about the exhaust manifold gasket, or the head gasket?
Exhaust Manifolds + gaskets.
First estimate was 600.00+
Second estimate was 700.00+
Third estimate was 594.00+
The + means if any of the bolts break.