Q: Flooding on 1995 Chevrolet Tahoe

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My tahoe when you start it it floods itself i was told it was my oxygen sensors is this correct. i had a mechanic tell me that is was this thing on the side of the throttle body i dont know the proper name for it but he said it gets carboned up bad and for me to clean it off good and it would fix the prblem. I have to hold the throttle all the way down to get it to start.
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Your oxygen sensors are probably not the problem, they have no bearing on injector pulsewidth during start, so they can't cause the engine to flood.

The "idle air control" solenoid is probably the item that your mechanic told you may need to be cleaned, he may be correct. If this solenoid is clogged with carbon you may not be getting enough air during startup.

When you put the throttle pedal all the way to the floor, GM calls this "clear flood" mode and severely shortens injector pulsewidth or shuts the injectors off all together.

I would venture to guess that you may actually have problems with the fuel injectors themselves or the wiring to them through the tin spacer for the air cleaner, they may be "dumping" too much fuel.

Good luck!
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The Tahoe is throttle body injected, good point if engine was a vortec set up though.