Q: flasher relay location on 1998 Ford Escort

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where is the flasher relay located and how do I test it to see if it is the reason why the right turn signal flashes fast?
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If the right side flasher flashes quicker than the left, check that both bulbs work on the side that flashes quickly. next check the bulbs on that side are correct and that the electrical connections are clean tight and secure. If one side flashes quicker than the other it is not the flasher unit it would affect both sides equally.
Okay, so if I needed to check the flasher where under the dash would I find it?
It is behind the drivers kick panel its quite hard to get to Part No: 81980 12070 its also says 'Flasher relay' on it as well. I spent half the day looking for it, Now I've got to find out where to buy one!!
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