Fixing idiot lights on 2008 Acura TL

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When getting gas the guy pumping didn't tighten the gas cap and or I had the car running which created a light to go on. The light sort of looks like an outline of a video camera. I have taken it to several places and they get the light to go away until the next morning when turning the car on. I have also disconnected the battery for 15 minutes and reconnected with no luck, the light came back the next morning. Do you know how to fix it?
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first, you need to have the code pulled to see what system is asking for help. the gas cap will not set the ligh right away because it has to fail the teat 3 times before the light will come on. it is something electrical due to how fast the light returns, the next time the light goes on, do not reset the light. get it checked with the light on so the tech can get the feeze frame data to see when the failre ooccured.

did they just pll the code or did they do a full diag?

thats not a diag it just leads you in the direction. thats why it is free. to find out the problem, you need to use the 89.95 diag to see what the problem is. i work at one of the pepboys.

Last night Pepboys ran the car thru diagnostics and it said it was the gas tank cover, yet it came back on this morning
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They just pulled the code
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I think I'm just going to have to break down and go to the dealership...thanks so much for your was helpful