Q: Faulty Relay Sensor? on 1997 Chevrolet Camaro

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My car stalls (mostly in the summer) sometimes when I am driving it or pulling into my drive way (drive upward). It is also hard to start up (engine turns). Cleaned intake, spark plugs are new, fuel pump preshure is good, and diagnostics come back clear.
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Who did the Diagnosis? Because on a 97 there should be a data stream to look at when the car dies, so you can see if your are losing fuel pressure etc. I would look at the Crank Sensor readings,. Does it start right away or does it take a while to fire off again? That would be helpful to know. Since it is in the summer, it is a heat related issue ( again check the Crank Sensor ), they call it a reference sensor, and when they act up, they can sometimes not set any codes. Also be aware of the Ignition Module and Central Coil. A temp sensor that is out will usually set a code. What are the IAC counts, because a dirty throttle body can cause dying as well.
Dandd, thank you for your advice. My mechanic told me that nothing shows on the diagnosis and when he attached a pressure gauge to the fuel it never dropped. The Ignition Module shouldn't be to expensive, but Central Coil was on the high side. I will ask for the IAC counts. Again, this was very helpful.