Q: fan keeps running after turned off and is possibly draining my battery? on 2000 Volkswagen Jetta

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My fan keeps running for about 5-8 minutes even when the car is off and I don't know why because my temperature gauge reads at normal temperature. It stays on for a while even if i drove it for only about 3 miles! The reason I'm asking is because (beside the fact that its annoying) I think its draining my battery because sometimes it will either not start or it will barely start with slow cranking and my battery isn't old enough to give me problems by itself.
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Your car uses a fan switch that is hooked to a constant power source. By design it allows the fan to run even when the car is turned off. At times this switch fails causing it to stay on or not turn on at all. This maybe your issue. I would be looking for another cause tho. A running fan for five minutes should not drain the the batt. If you want to buy one here is a link:,carcode,1364756,parttype,4312,a,

Good luck!
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