fan belt noise on 1993 Ford Escort

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have changed belt several times, pulleys are ok, alignment ok. tensioner ok. still squealing
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you are missing something
One or more of these componets you say is ok, is NOT OK! Most likely tensioner. Anything been sprayed on the belt to try and stop the squeal? Does it make noise all the time or what sets it off?
nothing bin sprayed on belt. when setting off then stops after changing thru gears upto the 5th. sometimes when its bin running for a 5 to 10 mins.
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Sometimes a alignment issue can be very subtle. There was a Technical Service Bulletin published by Ford. TSB 93-25-3. There was an alignment issue caused by the A/C compressor mounting bosses being unequal.

I agree with the other responce. I would also look at the tensioner. Make sure it has plenty of tension and that there is not an alignment issue there either.

There are also belt wear marks on the tensioner. Sometimes when purchasing non factory belts the belt length may not be perfect and the tensioner may be bottoming out.

The other thing to look at is the depth of the power steering pulley. If it has ever been serviced/ changed someone may have pressed the pulley on too deep etc.

thankyou for your time. Zoyster
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