Q: Fan and blower motor works but still no heat on 1995 Mazda Protege

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Blower motor just started working again so I think there might have been a loose connection but now I'm still not getting any heat. If anyone knows what's going on with my car please reply to this. I have been working on this problem for a while now and I'm so close to just giving up. Thanks!!
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I'd agree that if the blower works OK and didn't before, that there could be a loose connection, or maybe the switch or possibly the motor itself is failing. Hopefully it keeps working. I recommend you check that the connections are tight so you don't have further trouble with your blower.
I don't have published info on the heater control for your car, but I think that the heated coolant from the engine flows constantly through the heater core, heat control being done by an air blend door which mixes hot air from the heater core with cold outside air to control the temperature. You should be able to see that the heater temp control cable actuates the blend door lever as you move the lever. I've seen the cable come loose on the lever end so check that. If OK, then I'd suspect that the heater core is clogged and maybe that the engine coolant thermostat is faulty, keeping the engine running too cold. The coolant should be running at about 195F, give or take 5 degrees, at the radiator filler when the engine coolant is circulating. If it's much less, then the thermostat is faulty and needs replacement. As far as the heater core being clogged (reportedly common - one hose should be hot and the other cold if the core's clogged), you could detach the coolant hoses at the engine (easier than at the heater connections at the firewall) and see if you can put water from the garden hose through the heater core, if not, it's clogged and may need to be replaced, but it's likely that you could flush enough gunk out to get it working again.
Let us know if this isn't helpful. The system on your car is fairly simple so I have some confidence in this advice.
If you want to find a specialist, here's a directory link for you: