Q: Failure to start? Door locks lock without assistance. on 2009 Nissan Murano

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Two or three times a month at any time under any conditions my Murano won't start. I can usually tell it will happen when I place my foot on the brake and it feels hard like it lost it's power brake. Then I push start and the radio comes on, the doors lock and unlock...the electic goes crazy. I pull the key out and try again but usually I have to actually exit the car for five minutes or longer before it will start. Also another problem is it locks itself
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I would take this to the dealer, have them check all the computers for codes and check all the technical info from Nissan to see if there is anything related. These are very complex systems that require complex tools, equipment and training to address when you have problems like this.
Can anyone tell me if this was resolved? I'm experience the exact same problem and my dealer is stumped.
My Murano was fairly new when this happened. They finally listened to me and replaced both the sensor in the brake and door locks. All is fine since then.