Q: Fails to start at times on 2010 Ford Fusion

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We have had a 2010 Ford Fusion 6 speed standard transmission 4 door car for a year. Off and on throughout the year the car has failed to start. The engine tries to turn over but doesn't. We must try at least three times before it finally starts. This has happened 8 to 10 times. When the service dept. was made aware nothing was found. Another make and model of car owned by friends did this and it was the fuel pump that wasn't working correctly. Any ideas? Going on a trip and don't want to be stranded.
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To be honest the car is nearly brand new and still under warranty. I would tell them to keep the car until the problem is solved and give you a loaner until it's done. That's my 2 cents worth. I just hate the dealer "blow-off" on customer service.
We had this problem back in the 70's with a new Chevy LaGuna. When the car was cold, it would start every time, but if you stopped someplace and tried to restart, it failed. The cause was moisture build up under the distributor cap. In the winter, this moisture would freeze and crack the cap. Every year we had to replace that cap! I own a 2010 Ford Fusion and the only problem I am having with it is no heat/ac distribution for the back seat.
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