Q: factory stereo to factory cd/stereo swap on 2001 Hyundai Accent

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I recently swapped a factory stereo to a factory cd/ stereo in my 2001 accent. Everything works fine, but no sound. The stereo light up, accepts and ejects cds, even programs stations. I thought it might be locked, but it has no other indication. Can I fix it, or is it a dealer issue?
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I think the speakers are not hooled up properly. Pull the connector at the radio, test each speaker with a small flashlight battery or 9 volt to hear if the speakers work and the connection is good. If so, then maybe the radio is defective or the wires are not connected properly. If you find that there are wires twisted and taped, then the job was done poorly and the hookup needs to be done right. If you can't find a fault in the hookup, it's possible that the radio's faulty. The output could be tested but that's for a technician. If it's new, that's a warrantee issue.
The responsibilithy to fix it hangs on whoever installed it.
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