Q: F-15- 6 cyl still cuts up while accellerating on 2002 Ford F-150

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Wrote a question earlier about my f-150 P/U with 6 cyl and man trans. It skips bably and makes truck buck when accelerating usually at higher rpms. I took EGR off and removed mounting tube from intake and sparyed throttle body cleaner heavily inside intake to try and clean any clogged orifices. Did not help. Do I need to remove intake to find problem or could it be the ECM?
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Has the engine light come on? (possibly come on and gone off) If it has come on, codes could be stored in memory. Plugged orifices would probably only be a problem at lower rpm or where the EGR valve is open

This happens at any mph? You'll want to check for any vacuum leaks, look at the hoses and connections for any cracks. Look at your ignition coil for carbon tracks or any damage. Are the plug wires in good condition? Do you have a way to check your fuel pressure?
I Just bought a 1997 f-150 4.2 v-6. I bought the car needing repaired for this problem you are having. Exactly the same problem. O2 sensors replaced(codes indicated this was problem. right bank)didn't fix the problem, Spent some time talking to techie friends. Everything I was told was its the intake manifold gaskets, replace the upper and lower. It is a very annoying problem. in process of repair.
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