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Q: Extreme Heat/HOT coming from front drivers floor board and center console. on 2001 Volvo V70 XC

Only in the summer, there is extreme heat and very hot air that comes from drivers floor board so hot that foot gets very uncomfortable even in shoes as though standing on hot coals. Transmission will begin to act funny and the gear display will go blank. Only displays a --symbol. Once pulling over and restarting car, transmission display will once again read properly but will happen repeatedly. This is in the summer only. Also, in the winter, the temp. guage stays in extreme cold and heat will not warm. Please offer advice. Thank you. Great car and 222,000 miles.
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Hi, sounds like you got two different issues. One the Thermostat might be stuck shut causing the coolant to stay in place thus the temp guage isn't moving when cold or overly hot. Make sure your coolant fan comes on around 105*C and make sure your heater core isn't cracked or blown (you can smell coolant through your heater&A/C vents. Next problem your transmission might be suffering the famous Volvo 2001 curse at over 200k miles. Try flushing the transmission properly with the correct fluid: if your dipstick is all the way on the bottom and a small little thing, it'll use the special Volvo specific transmission fluid or a Mobil1 JWS-3309 Synthetic fluid equivalent. If it's the square/rectangular and pretty long it'll the standard Dextron III fluid you find anywhere at your automotive parts store. (Just a warning flushing will not solve your issue 100% but it's worth a try to get some more life from your ailing transmission) Good luck, Sam
I am having this problem. I replaced the coolant temperature sensor. I heard that if you don't change it right away that it can actually negatively affect the catalytic converter. Drive the car around for awhile after dark and then check to see if the cat conv is glowing red. The transmission issue is probably a whole different thing. There are a lot of known bugs with the transmissions in these year/model volvos. My transmission was saved, but it still shifts hard between 3rd and 4th especially after the car warms up and it's something I've just learned to live with. I flush the trans more than normal now to stay on top of it. Also, I had some speed control sensor (I think that's what it's called!) changed on the actual transmission and the software was updated. I'm not a mechanic, but your experience sounds a lot like mine.
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