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Q: extreme exhaust smoke on 1992 Geo Metro

After I've been driving over 55mph for about 15 min. (Always when I'm on the highway) the car starts smoking out the exhaust pipe. the smoke is white, and is so thick, cars behind me have to turn on their lites. If I immediately let off the gas it stops, but I have to reduce my speed to at least 45. This never happens when I'm just driving around town
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"White smoke" from the exhaust tail pipe is a sign of a blown head gasket but this would be accompanied by hotter than normal running temperature or overheating and loss of coolant.
Are you sure the smoke is white not greyish blue. This would be a sign of engine oil being burned by the engine. It would be a sign usually of piston bore wear, worn oil control rings.
There can be several things that could make it blow smoke. But if your running at 55MPH and it happens 15 minutes later, that is another story. Sounds like you might be using old oil, depending on how old the Geo is. As well to how many miles it has on it, will defer on what type of Oil's you should use and filters. Also it depends on how much you drive your Geo, usually you don't have to replace the oil in a Geo till about 7,000 or 7,500 miles for certain types of Geo's. But if your Geo is older and you drive it a lot you might want to change the oil every 5,000 miles. I use a special filter and oil in my Geo. I use Pennzoil that is for vehicles 75,000 miles and over, as well to the Oil Filter. Most Geo's use the 10W-30, Oil are used for the coolant for a Car, that's what i use in my geo and always runs fine. You might wanna check for any oil leaks or drips coming out the exhaust pipe, as well check your radiator coolant, make sure that is going through. make sure there no lose leaks or cracks in the pipes.
If you do notice any Leaks or Cracked up pipes that are causing the leaks, then you will have to replace the pipes and such, you cannot. I would recommend you getting a mechanic to do it for you.

I would also say could be the Oil Gasket rings inside of it too. But, if I were you i would do a Oil Change with that Pennzoil and the new filter. See if that helps and also replace your Air filter.

If it was the piston getting over heated you would have broken down and your engine would be totaled up. Plus you would hear it, you would have bad shaking in the Car and you could hear the piston admitting a loud screech.

I would say do the oil change and make sure you use the correct amount of oil in your Geo, if you have a Geo Metro, then use about 3 Quarts I say to start it off with. And if you haven't used Pennzoil and you use a different brand, then really make sure you let the oil drain in the pan, before you begin to add that new oil. You don't want to be mixing OILS, that is really bad to do and will cause your car to make that smoke.

I hope this helps you and any others, as well to I hope it solves your problem.
The standard rule of thumb is.. Blue smoke is Oil, White smoke is Water and black smoke is fuel! If it is that thick (cant see the cars behind you) I would park it till I had the head gasket replaced.. the cooling water jackets that flow from the block to the head may have found a small hole in the head gasket and are getting into the combustion chamber......... Check your spark plugs. If they are oily.. then you are most likely seeing blue smoke.. and it is a broken piston ring. If they are dry and very clean .. then you are having them or at least one.. pressure washed with water from the cooling system.. check the radiator.. see if any oil is on the top of the water.. that is a tell tale sigh of a head gasket.. the oil from the cylinder will mix with the water.. as well as your cooling system will be leaking down (have a lower lever).. It is a major problem.. Because you have to remove the cam shaft , intake and exhaust manifolds to get the head off... Hope this helps. remember .. if one spark plug is very clean ... it is that cylinder that is leaking..
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