Q: Explorer will not start on 1999 Ford Explorer

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Starting about 3 months ago, vechicle would not start right away,but after 7-10 tries. Went out one morning to start vechicle and it started and quickly stalled out only to not start again. Replaced crankshaft position sensor as well as cam position sensor. Still would not start. Tried one time,spraying starter fluid into trottle intake and vechicle started right up, then stalled. Any areas I should be looking at before spending more money.Any suggestion are greatly appreciated.
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You could have a fuel pressure problem or a massive air intake leak. For example, the o-ring gaskets on the intake manifold are known for failure on this engine.

The starting fluid you used indicates to me that your engine is either starving for fuel or getting tons of air it can't use.

However, a proper diagnostic tool is probably something you need to tell you more.
The vechicle cranks over but no attempt to start. Yes it turns over,and no start.
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