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Expert Auto Repair
April 24, 2009

I am not sure how knowledgable the other reviewers are. I brought my car here based on the 5 star review of this site. The guy said he had just done a similar repair (replace ignition coil). I have a regular mechanic who could not do the repairs. This was a total 'mr. upcharge' scenario.
First - he changed all the spark plugs. Well I should say he claimed to change them all, but could not show me 6 spark plugs when I came to pick up the car.
He did change the ingnition coil, but said there were only 3. My regular meganic confirmed there are 6, which leads me to believe he did not even open the car up to find/see the other 3.
He said he was able to 'save' the manifold gasket- which my regular mechanic said is not normal. that this would be changed every time.
He then also did a 'service' on my fuel injectors without asking me - he said he was able to clean the one dirty one rather than replace it. My regular mechanic says this is a typical useless service that allows mechanics to charge an extra $80 fee to do basically nothing (let a canister run for 15 minutes with the car running).
He then proceeded to check my brakes (not asked for) and said I absolutely needed all 4 changed- I took it back to my mechanic the next week who did change the fronts (though they could have gone another month at least) and didnt even want to change the back- said they were ok.
The guy DID fix what was wrong (the ignition coil) thus good quality rating. However, I would never go back here.

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Expert Auto Repair
February 20, 2009

I took my car to three shops to have the brakes diagnosed and repaired.

The first place I took it to was the infiniti dealer in Santa Monica. They gave me an estimate of $365 to replace the front pads and smooth the rotors. I thought that was steep, so I called Midas on Washington, Culver City to get a bid. They told me $200 on the phone. When I got there they said they had to do a diagnosis regardless of Infiniti's diagnosis. Then I got a call to come down and look at something. A ploy I've heard many times over at Jiffy Lube. He had all four brakes off and showed me what he called a 'crack' in the rear brake pads. A ploy to get me to the back brakes as well. More on this so-called 'crack' later. He also told me at this point it was $250 to change the pads and service the rotors. While waiting, i looked them up on yelp.com and read miserable reviews. I told him to pack it, I would be taking it back to the dealer to have the work done.

I got home that night and found out about repairpal.com on the nightly news. Immediately, i went online and got a real estimate, think it was between $200 and $320. The Dealer was way over the max recommended for front brakes.

I searched on another shop in the area and came across Barry's shop: Expert Auto Repair. A little hard to find as it's not on the street, but in a back alley behind a mini-mall. Barry gave me a quote below the bottom number in the range to expect, so I set up a time to come in the following morning.

Barry was a very nice guy and he knows his stuff. He went out of his way to explain everything to me. He showed me what to look for, including the so-called Midas 'crack'. Which turns out to be a marker for when your pads are getting low (I think they were at the halfway mark). Barry also knew of a few things that should be checked for servicing and told me I need to be sure and have the fuel filter changed every so often so as not to clog up the fuel pump (which is in the gas tank and a costly repair). I didn't have him swap the fuel filter while there, but I will definitely be back to have him do that when he does the rear brakes.

While dealing with Barry, I could tell this guy knows his stuff, he's been in the business for over 30 years. Another thing I think he does business the way he does it, is because he is a small shop and must survive on word of mouth and reputation. Something rare to find in LA. Barry is the first pleasant experience of several dozen I've had with mechanics in LA.

All I have to say after all that, is that I give Barry two snaps, a twist, and around the world!! I highly recommend this mechanic and he's now my go to guy, rather than the dealer, for work on my 2001 Infiniti I30.

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Expert Auto Repair
January 28, 2009

When I pulled up to the shop, Barry, the owner, greeted me, asked me a couple of questions while I was in my car, and then told me to pull up into the lift. He diagnosed the cause of my clutch problem within 5 minutes. After checking the cost of the required part and calculating the cost of labor, he quoted me a price. All this for free and within 10 minutes of me arriving at the shop. He explained the mechanics of the clutch and showed me the part that was leaking fluid. He told me the car would be ready in an hour and a half. Sure enough, the car was ready as expected, he showed me the faulty part that he had replaced, and the car was ready to go for about $150. Fast, friendly, reasonable price, and on time -- can't beat that.

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