Dodge Ram 1500 Problem Report

Dodge Ram 1500 Ticking Type Noise From Exhaust Manifold Area

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Exhaust manifold bolts commonly break, exhaust manifold gaskets should be replaced and replace bolts as needed.

ticking at startup; after it heats up the sound goes away. -
loud ticking noise,had gasket replaced problem went away for about two weeks than ticking noise started again now i go to check studs and one farthest back on drivers side is missing dont know if my mechanic didnt put it back or it fell off if thats possible so now i need to replace stud and gasket -
all of the exhaust manifold bolts are rotted and 2 are broke off flush with the head -
Ticking noise comimg from the exhaust manifold area. I replace the gasket and bolts and that solved my problem. -
Due to the expense of the repair, I have had to live with the problem. Thanks Dodge for NOT recalling this problem> -
My truck when it starts up has a loud ticking noise until it warms up -
broken bolts..every mechanic steered me to lifters...I got under the truck, there are missing and broken bolts. What a nightmare. Trying now to find how many bolts are needed. Unfortunately, I have to drive it to the dealership to get the gasket and bolts and I have no idea how much damage this may cause. Ive been driving it for a month with that awful motorscooter "tick". The engine sounds sooooooooooo loud. -
i have had the ticking sound and its getting worse. I have 106k on the truck and am going to get to a shop for an estimate. -
passenger side 2 rear manifold bolts heads came off over 800 to be repaired -
Initially noticed a slight ticking one day at start up. Noise went away quickly...a few weeks later noticed again and became more prudent and recurring. Brought to arrigo dodge and was not pleased with there treatment. At 70k the slight ping has grown to an incredible knock at low speeds and start up. Currently 9/3/14 and at a different dodge dealer working with warranty and service dept to address issues. Truck is 2010 dodge ram quad cab hemi sport -
Tick coming from the right side of the engine and went away after the truck warmed up. The fix was replaced the right side manifold bolts. Some bolts had broken. -
Passenger side exhaust manifold bolts broke and need to be drilled out. -
Noticed a ticking & irritating "rattling noise.Just replaced the exhaust including catalytic converter last summer and noise started soon after. Thought it was plenum gasket at first, then noticed 4 exhaust manifold bolts missing and exhaust carbon leakage by manifold on passenger side. Not sure how to go about getting bolts out. -
head of bolt rotted off -
Drivers side rear exhaust manifold bolt broken. -
passenger side exhast manifold leak replace gaskets on both sides and it did it again about three months later. -
2 rear manifold studs broke -
I have the same problem on my truck. I currently have 67,000 miles on it. Of course, this is one of the many problems that I have had with my truck. I'm very disappointed in my dodge truck. I wish I had a more solid truck than what I currently have. -
had a bad ticking noise coming from the driver side of the engine so I checked the exhaust manifold bolts and studs and found one stud that fell out into my hand. I took it to the dealer and they diagnosed it and found 3 more broken studs, yes all 4 studs were broke off in the head and I also had a blown gasket. Had that all fixed it has ran great now I just blew the head gasket very disapointed that a truck with 76,000 miles has already had this many engine problems. -
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