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Q: Exhaust Manifold bolt broken on 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I noticed what sounded like an exhaust leak coming from near the manifold. After inspection, I noticed that the rear most bolt on the drivers side was broken. It actually looks like a stud and not a bolt because the heat shroud is contacted to the broken piece still. There is not much room to access the broken stud. I was thinking of buying a right angle drill, cordless so it's small enough, to drill out the stud and try an easy out on it. But, I've been told that I could make things much worse by doing this. My question is, how else can I remove this thing and replace it? As it is, it almost looks like you have to remove the engine to get enough access to do anything. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it.
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This sounds like a tough one. How long is the exposed broken stud or bolt from the cylinder head? If there's much stud left, it may work by removing the exhaust manifold. You may then be able to grab the stub of the broken piece with a vice-grip pliers and work it loose with heat and penetrating oil. This doesn't always work, in my experience (depending on how bad it's frozen). But with the manifold out, you have lots more room for drilling and easy-outing. If you don't have much experience drilling out a broken bolt, I'd say that this could be real difficult. You have to drill down the center of the bolt, and straight to get a big enough easi-out in there. I don't especially know the 4.7 engine, but I'd be thinking of pulling the manifold, trying to unscrew the stud and hope to get lucky. If the broken stud can't be gotten out, it has teo be drilled out dead center and cleaned up with a tap. At this point, I'd be thinking of removing the cylinder head or pulling the engine as the next step.
Thanks SuperBob. It's very hard to tell, but I think the stud is broken off flush with the manifold. Of course it's near impossible to see exactly without diving into it and taking things apart. I'm guessing if it is broken off flush with the manifold I might have a quarter inch of stud sticking out. Someone suggested welding another bolt on to the stud to get a bolt head to grab onto. What's your take on this?
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