Q: Exhaust issue? on 2002 Volkswagen Jetta

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My car sounds like a motorcycle and the exhaust isn't coming out the back like it should,it smells in my car of exhaust ,what could the problem be? I have a 2002 Volkswagen jetta 1.8 t. Makes a popping sound when I start my car.sounds more of a problem towards the front, could there be a hole in the exhaust? Or a clamp that's broke?,the muffler looks OK and isn't dangling
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Well when I drive you can hear the whistling from the turbo but because of the exhaust issue it sounds worse if that makes sense? I'm not good with cars sorry if I'm no making sense lol. But car vibrates,sounds loud. But when I press the gas it takes a little while to pick up speed .and that could be maybe cause of exhaust issue? but once I'm driving at certain speed a steady speed it vibrates, but has good power but will make a weird sound
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Sounds like it needs to go to the muffler shop and have them advise you, we can't hear the noise and they can help.
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Probably the flex pipe, the piece under engine that connects the engine to the rest of the exhaust. Looks like the exhaust pipe has a piece of webbing in the pipe.
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