Q: Exhaust on 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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I smell exhaust in car and especially strong by driver side on outside of jeep. Mechanic said two bolts were loose on manifold, tightened them and said that would take care of problem. Didn't help. Also had it checked at muffler shop who said there were no leaks but I may want to have catalytic converter replaced. It was replaced about 8 yrs ago. Also, when I start the car, there is a noise with ignition that goes away after engine starts. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!
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When the manifold got loose it probably blew out the gasket.You may have to replace it.Might also want to look at the manifold itself-it may be cracked.Also check the nuts on the exhaust flange ( flange from exhaust manifold to pipe) Do you hear any exhaust noise?
I see no reason to replace the cat- if it is not plugged or damaged- it's just fine
Not really clear on description of ignition noise.
I sure appreciate your advice! Thanks. How do I find out if gasket needs to be replaced? Is this something a mechanic can see or just assume. No, don't hear any exhaust noise. Hard to describe the noise I hear when starting car, possibly clicking sound And, it's not consistent, doesn't happen every time I start car, just sporadically